About Us


Sterns Trailer is a full-service trailer rental provider strategically located in Farmingdale and Wall Township, New Jersey. Established in 1970, our company proudly serves New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We specialize in trailer rental and logistics services, offering daily delivery throughout New Jersey and a wide variety of trailer sizes and types.

Our storage, office and container trailers are portable, affordable and efficient structures designed to suit your storage needs and to go where and when you go.

Our logistics services cover all of your transportation requirements, from preparing your order to transporting your product to a location of your choice.

At Sterns Trailer, our dedicated specialists understand the dynamics of today’s market and the importance of your space, time and cost effectiveness. We always make your requests and satisfaction our upmost priority. In fact, we pride ourselves in offering efficient products and providing excellent customer service to suit all of your needs. Our mission is to ensure your exceptional renting experience, one that will help to boost your efficacy, increase your profits, and outshine your competition. The Sterns Trailer’s team looks forward to serving you soon!

“We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and look forward to serving you soon.” Fred Stern - CEO of Sterns Rental Corp.